I'm also a dancer and choreographer specializing in urban street styles and freestyle. As the director of CMU's hip hop dance team, Soulstylz, I’ve organized and led our team’s performances at Carnegie Mellon, including Dancers' Symposium and Lunar Gala. Leading a dance team has given me insights on being an effective leader when working with a diverse group of members with a variety of backgrounds, styles, and levels of experience.


We spend 2-3 months choreographing, learning, and cleaning our performance sets. As director, I oversaw the executive and artistic direction of the sets, from creating choreography, to organizing and running rehearsals.


To teach a team with a diverse set of skills, I’ve helped cultivate a safe environment for efficient skill and knowledge transfer. In order to go back to the basics, I’ve emphasized training fundamentals to strengthen the quality of our performances.


As a leader, I have helped cultivate effective communication, patience, strong work ethic, and respect. In our diverse team, I’ve strived to create a culture that is centered around transparency and growth mindset.